About Classic White Shirts

My mother always paid attention to her style of dress.  When she went out she dressed.  Not necessarily dressed up, but always paid attention to being fully dressed.  With her chosen outfit, jewelry and hair done. She didn’t wear makeup.  Except lipstick.  Fingernail polish and lipstick.  I enjoyed watching her care about her appearance as it gave her confidence when she went out.  She was glad to see people she knew and felt good in her clothes. 

I paid attention to those things as well.  Finish the outfit.  I did not have as much time to tend to this grooming ritual as my mom did. Therefore, I leaned on the white and off white shirts as the staples in my wardrobe. They went with all my pants, shorts, and skirts.  I always loved the “classic white shirt”. 

We are a more casual culture now in our style of dress, and are busier than ever.  The white shirt is still a classic shirt with a great look!  The right white shirt can go with any event and most outfits.  It creates a fresh look for women who want to feel dressed and confident in the clothes they wear. And they can do it quickly and simply with the right shirts. And yet, many women have either given up or given in on finding a white blouse that wasn't sheer.  

Over the last 15 years I have been watching white shirts get thinner and thinner. I was frustrated with only being able find shirts that required a camisole.  I don’t like the bunchy feel of an extra garment and was hopeful the industry would swing back to white shirts that could not be seen through. This has not been the case. So I decided it is time to Bring Back the Classic White Shirt.   

Thank you for checking out our site and our clothing.  We are glad to have you with us!

Monica Neubauer, Founder and Owner of Classic White Shirts