Why White Shirts, Monica?


White and slightly cream colored shirts have long been the main staple in my wardrobe.  I wore them in every form – tshirts, blouse, turtleneck, tank top, sweaters for winter or spring, shells under jackets – every form. Until maybe 2007 or 2008 when they started getting thinner and thinner.  And less and less useful.  Because at that time, in order to wear a white shirt, you had to wear a cami under it so you could not see a bra, stomach rolls or the line of your pants. Not surprising, it eventually became fashionable to choose your color bra intentionally to show through your shirt.

I kept waiting for thicker shirts to come back in style and wanted to start this company in 2011. The time was not right for me. And I decided that surely the industry pendulum would swing back to thicker shirts.

But it hasn’t.

Not fully.

Not yet.

I decided to go with my gut and make white shirts readily available again in a substantial fabric.

“How has it been going, Monica?  When will they be ready?”

Many women ask me this questions with hope in their eyes.  They too want to own these shirts.

I feel kind of like the tortoise in the story of the tortoise and the hare.  Slow and steady I am making progress.  I have found some fabrics I like and they have been made into samples. I have gotten feedback.  And maybe the fabric isn’t quite right…

The fabric is at the center of these shirts being what I want and it must be right.  I am going to market in New York this month, January 2019, and hope to see more fabrics than I have seen thus far.

What would you like to see in a Classic White Shirt?

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  • Oh my gosh yes!! Finally!! I FULLY agree with you and can’t stand how thin the material is. You always have to layer it with something or be very careful about the undergarments you choose so you’re not showing the world! Thank you for creating the service I cannot wait to see your products and try them!

    Karen on
  • Layers are uncomfortable for me, would love white shirts thick enough so I won’t have to wear extra top.

    Yvonne Greene on

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