What if you could only buy one shirt…


What if you could only buy one shirt…

I doubt it would take you very long to decide.  What shirt would you want? I will let you buy 10 of the same shirt if that helps you get past practical parts.

Would you buy a sweatshirt? A lightweight tank top? What color would it be?

When I don’t want to think about what to wear, I go to my closet and pull out something black or white. If I could only buy one shirt it would be a black one…

Wait! Aren’t I reading a blog on the website, Classic White Shirts? Yes, you are. So why would I buy a black shirt? I would buy a black shirt because I am so tired of looking for white shirts that I cannot see through…. I don’t like to have to wear a shirt under a shirt. I want to wear a shirt under a sweater, or with a skirt. I don’t want to have to have to wear a camisole under my white shirt. So I would buy a black shirt.

But I keep looking for “the one”, the perfect white shirt. Year, after year. I try on blouse after blouse and shirt after shirt. Mostly they require something special under it to hide my, well, my stuff underneath that I want to be hidden by my clothes.

I have waited long enough, and so have you. Would you like a white shirt to be the one shirt you would buy? I would. And I cannot find the one I want so it is time to create it.

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