Sustainability in the Garment Industry


Well, let me begin by saying that there are a lot of people talking about this.  Some with way more knowledge than me, and some with less.  As an owner of a startup fashion brand who is watching the use of natural resources of the planet by the many people who live here, I felt it was incumbent upon me to understand how I could build a line that satisfies what people want that works with the environment.  Tossed out clothing is among the most prolific items in the landfills.  And second hand clothes from developed countries sent to less developed countries are adversely affecting their own growing businesses.  It has been an interesting study to see how clothing flows from fiber to the landfill.  

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a complicated topic.  I am going to hit some of those high points to reveal this.  You, as a consumer, will need to decide which elements are most important to you and how you can support the brands that fall in line with your values.

Sustainability in the fashion industry has to do with plant growth, living wages, manufacturing plants toxicity to the environment and the worker, and transportation of the final product.  All at a price the end consumer is willing to pay.

At Classic White Shirts, we are committed to awareness of all these factors.  We do some work in US plants and look for fabrics, etc in the USA to keep work here and to keep shipping down.  However, most of the fabrics we want for our consumer to have a thicker white shirt are not produced in the USA.  There are very few companies who even produce knit products in the USA.  That was a surprise to me.  We will probably do most of our work overseas eventually, where we can hopefully get the fabric made and garment sewn in one country to keep shipping to a minimum.  Having work done overseas increases the shipping costs and incurs duty or tariffs which affect the final price.  Another factor to consider is the packaging used to ship items.  Is is recyclable?  Is it efficient and interesting to the consumer?  

I want you to know that we are committed to researching all the relevant factors in producing our clothes.  Sustainability of the planet is a factor for us.  We will be considering product origin, worker conditions, shipping, and packaging as part of an excellent final product.  

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