My Journey


I have taken many detours to get to this place. Many of have dreams when we are young that end up sitting on a shelf for much of our adult lives.  And some of us get a second chance at that dream at a later date. 

I arrived in the fashion industry as a junior in college. Finishing at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC was the end of a great education in the New York fashion scene. I moved away shortly after graduation and mostly stayed away from the fashion industry after that in a life that led me to other places. I have worked many hours in retail helping people look their best in what was available in the store I was working in – Laura Ashley, Eddie Bauer and local boutiques. I worked in manufacturing helping dye and ship garments for retail giants JCPenny and Macy’s. And then … a detour to Asia, kids and a career in real estate.

I am a classics gal. I have decided over the years that the women I find most beautiful, elegant and confident have worn simple clothes that accentuate the woman they are.  I am drawn to them every time. When I find a beautiful basics piece, I sometimes buy two, in case years pass before I find it again. And for some garments, while they are occasionally found, it is time for them to be readily available all the time.I want to give women the opportunity to always find basic clothing items that make them feel beautiful and allow them the freedom to choose anything in their closet and know it will be easy to wear, coordinate and allow them to focus on their lives rather than themselves and the way they look.

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